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I am interested in FIRE, Financially Independent Retire Early, through good household budget management and investing.

I will offer what I have been learning and practicing for these topics.

I hope my blog will help you become FIRE.



Econ(Mr.), a Japanese business person, born in 1984.
Married, with a daughter and a son

Investing path


I started working from April 2008, in which we had the Financial Crisis.


I saved some money to invest.

I didn’t know anything about investing and started to keep purchasing mutual funds through dollar cost averaging.


I started investing on individual stocks.

The first ticker I bought was JNJ, Johnson and Johnson.



The great earthquake on March 11, 2011.

Until this, I had been putting money on financial goods, for which I could expect high return.

However this made me realize defensive asset like bonds or gold were also necessary in my asset allocation.

From 2012 – Now

Have been investing about USD 30,000 each year, mainly on the US individual companies and ETFs.

Asset allocation

  1. Cash
  2. Stocks of Japanese companies
  3. Stocks of the US companies
  4. Bonds of countries other than Japan
  5. Gold

Investing policy

  • Long-term investing over 10 years.
  • Fundamentals analysis on F/S
  • Focusing value of stocks and MOS, Margin of Safety

Financial goal

  • Mid-term: Net asset USD 500k within my 30s
  • Long-term: Net asset USD 1M within my 40s
  • Final goal: FIRE. Life within dividends and interests. 

Thank you.

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